Friday, September 15, 2017


Subjects:   Life as a Slave  / Food in the army / Women's roles / Underground Railroad/ Doctors, hospitals, Red Cross / Weapons/ Spies/ Uniforms and clothing of the times /
 The army (origination, drills, manpower) / Mathew Brady / Prisons / Marching bands
Date:                               Name:                              Subject:                          
September 28 –          Levi Stamm                         Photography
October 5 –            Madisen Bullock                    Weapons
October 12 –          Leila Harrop                           Food in the Army
October 19 –          Reina Kloepfel                                Women's Roles
October 26 –          Alonnah Thompson        Uniforms/Clothing of times
November 2 –         Taylor Miller                  Doctors/Hospitals/Red Cross
November 9 –         Dean Peterson                The Underground Railroad
November 16 –       Ethan Day                               Life as a Slave
November 23 – Thanksgiving Break
November 30 –       Paige Preece                           TBA                

Devotional Schedule

September 21 –  Levi Stamm
September 28 – Paige Preece
October 5 – Leila Harrop
October 12 – Taylor Miller
October 19 – Taylor Miller
October 26 – Madisen Bullock
November 2 – Reina Kloepfel
November 9 – Alonnah Thompson
November 16 – Ethan Day
November 23 – Thanksgiving Break
November 30 – Leila Harrop
December 7 – Taylor Miller
December 14 – Ethan Day
January 11 – Alonnah Thompson
January 18 – Dean Peterson
January 25 – Ethan Day
February 1 – Reina Kloepfel
February 8 – Madisen Bullock
February 15 – Ethan Day
February 22 – Dean Peterson
March 1 –Madisen Bullock
March 8 – Levi Stamm
March 15 – Paige Preece

March 22 – Madisen Bullock
March 29 – Leila Harrop
April 5 – Spring Break
April 12- Paige Preece
April 19 – Paige Preece
April 26 – Reina Kloepfel
May 3 – Paige Preece
May 10 – Levi Stamm
May 17 – Alonnah Thompson

Thursday, January 28, 2016

HERO Week 1

Hello Hero Generation!

I hope you enjoyed class today. I certainly did!

We went over the format of the class, the requirements, etc. For those of you who have not ordered your binder/books, please do so ASAP!

We did a simulation where you played the part of the British parliament facing total economic decimation of England. It was really exciting watching you argue over policy, plan, and legislation that would/would not help the breakdown of the island nation. You really got into it, very heated, and very strong in your opinions! We had a little insight into what Congress might be like in this great nation. Partisan gridlock makes a little more sense now, right?

We had a lecture on Heroes and your generation. Remember the cycles of history...the fourth turning is here, and you heroes play a critical role!!

We identified you all as heroes, and we analyzed what your role will look like in the upcoming crisis. You have ways in which you can prepare yourself, and hopefully you took notes on that, because yes....they may be a quiz with candy in your future.   🤗

We talked about to whom heroes have allegiance. You all asserted that was to themselves, God, their families and their country. GREAT ANSWERS!

We finished up with a portrait of a hero: Mother Teresa. Her example of pure charity and boundless love is truly an inspiration to me, and hopefully to you as well!

YOUR HOMEWORK for this week:

**Write your definition of a Hero (you can put this in your Hero journal if you like)
**Finish Flags of Our Fathers

Remember next week, Teacher Genne will sit in for the Generals Kellie(y) - so please help her get the tv/dvd player ready...wherever she will want to use it, as our classroom is not too accessible (two pesky stairs!).

Pay close attention. She may quiz you when it is over!

Take care and see you soon-

Gen. Walk

Friday, January 15, 2016


Hi Sword Scholars!

We had a great class yesterday, full of interesting discussion and great feats of  physical stamina!

As we've been doing military and other exercises throughout this semester, almost EVERY week, we had a contest (with candy rewards) for those that could perform the best at particular feats (push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, wall sits). We even had teacher Mary show up and help to ensure our form was at its best. Thank you teacher Mary!

We discussed the rapid technological development the United States (especially the northern states) underwent during the Civil War.

We talked about what our country would likely have experienced, had the Civil War not happened (remember apartheid?).

We read and were quizzed on some Civil War FAQ...and we ate a LOT of sugar.

We discussed what the battle would be like, as well as what prepping we needed to do for Parent's Night next week.

HANNAH and BENJAMIN - I still need you to email me your last paper!!!

Remember, for next week, please bring in any quotes/pictures you want to use for your wall hanging/collage we are working on.

I'd better to get ready for the battle about to 6 more hours!

See you all soon!

-Gen Walk

Friday, January 8, 2016

How will you pay back your ancestors and work to preserve our Freedoms?

Greetings Sword Scholars!

As of now, you should all be aware that your swords are in the mail! 


You have worked so incredibly diligently, and now all of your hard work has paid off. Keep it up, though....remember: this is your last assignment, so make it count!

Please write us an opinion paper on the following:

After considering all of the sacrifices made for you, especially during the tumultuous times of the Civil War, what will you do to pay back those who have sacrifieced for you, so that you can help to preserve our freedoms?

General Schmieder led a MARVELOUS discussion on "To Kill a Mockingbird" yesterday. You all shared interesting insights into characters that your generals possibly hadn't even considered. You showed you really loved and soaked this book up...what a great work to finish up our class!

We talked very briefly about the Reconstruction of the South, due in large part to the GREAT book discussion and current events discussion (Obama's Executive Order on guns) in which we participated.

But your awesome General Schmieder will be emailing us the doc she used so we can study it more in depth. Really reading and understanding more about this period will assist you in writing your opinion paper as well.

Great work everyone....soldier on and we will see you next week!

-General Walk

Saturday, December 12, 2015

How Would You Try to Bind the Nations Wounds?

Greetings Sword Scholars! The countdown is underway. You all have 12 days left to finish the requirements for sword. Are you pumped?

Some of you have REALLY kicked it up a notch, working tirelessly on completing papers, finishing reading, and writing your hero reports.

THANK YOU! Keep it up!

I will send you a separate email that tells you what items I am still missing. PLEASE make sure to email/call me if you think you have already done something or turned in a paper so we can make sure my records accurately reflect the work you have completed.

Thursday in class we discussed the death of President Lincoln. Lincoln was an extraordinary statesman, a selfless individual who worked tirelessly for what he believed was necessary for our country's success and longevity. He was a true hero. John Wilkes Booth was a misguided, zealous assassin. Ultimately he helped to secure a special place in the heart of the American public for President Lincoln's service and example.

We also read and discussed the 13th amendment (no slavery), 14th amendment (equal privileges and protection for ALL citizens under the law) and 15th amendment (voting rights for men of all races). The Reconstruction of the South hinged on these amendments, and General Schmieder will enlighten us on this tumultuous period during our next class.

Remember: Finish To Kill a Mockingbird, and write your paper on the topic of this post (binding the nations' wounds).

You are all doing amazing. PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me with questions. The sooner you contact me, the better, though, because you want MORE time to finish your assignments, not less.  :-)

Happy studying/working! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Finish your Hero Report!

Hello Sword Scholars!

You will get this info twice, once as a direct email, and once as a subscription to the blog. So please consider it a blessing as a double reminder.  :-)

In class this week, General Schmieder walked us through the Surrender at Appomattox. We simulated the actual surrender, and played parts throughout. You all did a wonderful job at remembering, "There are no small parts, just small actors."  You were fabulous! I especially enjoyed the Southern accent Matthew used for General Lee. I felt like I was actually there! And Hannah did a VERY convincing job as General Grant - especially with her stage directions. Way to go everyone! You were all superb!

It was very interesting to note, that Wilmer McLean would play a central role in the history of this great war. He has been quoted, "The war began in my front yard, and ended in my parlor." Let's see just how this could be.

In fact, the first major land battle of the war was the first battle of Bull Run, or the battle of First Manassas, and did indeed begin on Wilmer's property. The first strike of the Union on the property was a cannonball through a fireplace and into Wilmer's kitchen! This greatly disturbed dinner, I am sure you can well imagine.

Wilmer's home and property became quite damanged due to both of the Bull Run battles, and he began to fear for his family's safety. Approximately one year after the first battle, Wilmer decided to move his family 120 miles south to Appomattox, Virginia, into a nice two-story cottage.

But the war would continue to follow him.

On April 9, 1865, Palm Sunday, the Union and Confederate soldiers battled at Appomattox courthouse. General Lee was outnumbered, with only 1 Confederate soldier to every 4 Union soldiers. He knew what he must do.

General Lee and General Grant met in McLean's parlor to finalize the terms of surrender. This time, there were no cannon balls or gunfire in Wilmer's house to damage his property, but Union soldiers did begin to pilfer and steal some of his belongings (victor's rights??).

After Wilmer Mclean sacrificed for his beloved confederacy, and prospered somewhat during the war through his mercantile business, he did eventually come to financial ruin. WHY? Because, he was generally paid for in Confederate notes, which of course, became worthless at the Confederacy's collapse.

In 1930, Congress purchased McLean's Appomattox house which had lain in ruins. They rebuilt it, and in 1949, it became a tourist site.

Maybe you'll visit it next summer....   :-)

In class, we studied Lincoln's Second Inaugural address. We saw, once again, how conciliatory and magnanimous Lincoln remained throughout the war. He truly was a merciful, gentle, regal and great man in the history of our nation.

This week, there is no paper to write, but....


Read to Kill a Mockingbird - we will discuss after Christmas break. know, just finish everything already assigned! Your deadline is only 18 days away! 

Remember...Christmas Eve, at midnight. Work on memorization, old papers not yet turned in, your HERO REPORTS...etc.

If you are unsure, just email me, and I will tell you again what you are missing.

Okay....carry on Scholars. You are WONDERFUL, and learning so much, not only about history through this class, but about character, about valor, about yourselves.

See you next week!